Gift of Dinner (new parents, sick friends, etc.)

I have prepared and presented this dinner to many friends This meal helps take the burden off loved ones. The casserole is ample for two dinners or more depending on the number of people involved.

I bring the casserole, a large bag of fresh mixed greens, a half cup of my vinaigrette, a cake, and Acme bread or equivalent quality bread. The recipients are always grateful and one couple told me that it “saved them” when they had a new baby.

The dinner consists of the following and will take a couple of hours to prepare and the recipes are found in my blog:

1) Chicken Florentine Casserole: Found under category, “Chicken”, May 3, 2011

2) Mixed green lettuce with my vinaigrette: Found under category, “Salad”. March 30, 2011

3) Lemon cake with glaze: Found under category, “Cakes”, May 16, 2013

4) Purchased herb bread slab or French bread

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