Bundt Cakes (hints)

Bundt Cakes can be challenging to bake and I stopped baking them for a number of years. Then, I learned a few hints that helped immensely.

Hints for bundt cakes:

Use the correct bundt pan. The best one is the Nordic Anniversary edition bundt cake pan that is nonstick. I have not had a cake stick to this bundt pan. You can purchase these at Williams-Sonoma or online.

Use either melted butter or a nonstick cooking spray that contains flour to coat the bundt pan. Be sure to thoroughly cover the pan with a thin coating of butter or spray.

Place a baked cake on a cooling rack and allow it to rest for 10 – 15 minutes. Many directions say to cool for 5 minutes only and this is too short a time. The cake will break apart or the top will stay in the pan!

When the cake is just warm, carefully slide a narrow knife around the edges and center of the tube. Unmold it onto a plate and let it cool. If the cake does not release immediately, allow 5 more minutes of cooling before unmolding.

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