Fresh Crab Appetizer and more

Dungeness crab is available fresh on the West Coast and other locations during the holidays.  We have a simple way to prepare the crab and then it can be used in many ways.

We buy a couple of crabs that have been cooked and cracked.  We carefully collect the crab meat from the legs and body.

Then, add just enough good mayonnaise (Hellman’s/Best Foods) or make your own to lightly coat the crab.  (I have a recipe on my blog for homemade mayonnaise.)  Then add a little bit of salt to taste and freshly ground pepper.  Be sure to taste the crab mixture to get it just the way you like it seasoned.  You want to be able to taste the delicate crab meat and only a little seasoning and mayonnaise is needed.  If you want more complexity, some finely chopped fresh chives add a nice dimension.

This crab mixture can be placed on fresh slices of baguette, toasted bread, or good quality cracker and served as an appetizer.  We also use this crab mixture for salads.  We place the crab mixture on a bed of butter lettuce and add sliced, cooked eggs on the side with olives and cooked green beans or asparagus.  You can use your favorite dressing to put over the vegetables.

 This mixture can also be stacked alternately with avocado slices or avocado salsa for a composed salad.

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